Housing in the ODU area can be difficult to come by and students desiring an off campus lease are encouraged to make their housing arrangements early.  For this reason Warner Properties begins its Fall Pre-Leasing in January of each year.

At this time we begin taking application/reservation fees for Fall housing.  We offer one, two, three, four, five and six bedroom houses and apartments for lease. In order to be placed on a waiting list for housing it is necessary that all prospective parties to the lease fill out an application, select a property, checkout and pay the $75 Reservation Fee.

For example, if you are wishing to reserve a four bedroom apartment for the fall then you and 3 others should be prepared to put in your Applications and Reservation fees as early as possible.  The “Pre-Leasing Season” runs from January 1st to April 15th each year.  Submitting your application during this time will provide you the best odds of being offered the housing preference of your choice.



This information is being offered to provide our future residents the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding floating reservations and related costs for our off campus housing at ODU. Should you have additional questions that are not covered here please do not hesitate to ask.

On March 1st each year we send out renewal notices to all of our current student Residents. It has always been, and will continue to be, that we offer first right of refusal to our current Residents in good standing. Renewal notices are due back to us on or before April 5th at which time we will know exactly what apartments/houses will be coming available in the fall. At this time we turn to our waiting list and begin the task of matching those students on the list to the available housing. If, by April 20th, we can not satisfy your fall housing request your Reservation Fee is FULLY refundable. If the housing that you are offered does not meet with your approval your Reservation Fee is FULLY refundable. Once an acceptable housing offer has been made, (YOU decide what is acceptable), the Reservation Fee becomes non-refundable and the $25 Application Fee and $50 Administration Fee is immediately due. (Approx. April 20th) At this time we will actually process your application, enter your information into our new Resident data base and prepare your new Lease. The $150 cleaning fee is due on or before May 30th with the Security Deposit due on or before June 30th. Because we have spaced out the payment deadlines and because your Reservation Fees will be credited toward your first months rent it makes budgeting for move in much easier for our student Residents!

Now your housing arrangements are taken care of and you can ENJOY a stress free summer! We will continue to communicate with you over the break and be sure that you and your roommates are prepared for move-in day. All students will move in on or about August 1st. At the time of move in you will need to be prepared to pay your first month’s rent minus your Reservation Fee credit. For most students this will be rent for August. All partial months will be pro-rated.