Move Out

The following information is offered to guide you through your Move Out process and answer some of the most commonly asked questions.  



Approximately 60 days prior to your lease expiration Management will notify you as to the day and time that we will perform our Pre Move Out Inspection of your property.  The Pre Move Out inspection allows us to do two things.  First, it gives us the opportunity to evaluate the condition of the premises in order to determine what work will be required to “make ready” the property for the next Residents.  Secondly, in the event that any “Resident damage” is discovered, it provides you with an itemized statement of those damages.  It also breaks the damages down into two categories: Remediable and Non-Remediable; providing you the added advantage of being able to correct those items that can be corrected and spare yourself that expense.  It is our policy that Residents are NOT authorized to make repairs to the property, but some common examples that often appear on the Remediable list are:  re-attaching doors that have been removed from their hinges, putting back light globes that have been taken down, cleaning excessively dirty kitchens/bathrooms, etc.  The Damage Report, if any, and the accompanying Tenant Bill for Non-Remediable damage will be mailed to the apartment/house within 10 days of the inspection and payment will be due with your last month’s rent.  It is important that you understand that this does NOT take the place of a final Move Out inspection and that we are limited in what damage can be seen in an occupied dwelling.  We will make EVERY EFFORT to be as thorough as possible because we have found that roommates prefer to resolve damage charges amongst themselves BEFORE they move out but we can not guarantee that the final move out inspection will not reveal additional damage.


All trash should be bagged, tied and placed in the appropriate trash receptacles.  DO NOT place trash in to the  blue recycle cans.  Removing and bagging trash that has been discarded into a blue recycle can is a NASTY job and the charge to the Residents for having to do this is $200.  If you have additional bagged trash that will not fit into your green trash can you will need to contact the City of Norfolk to schedule a special pick up.  This is a FREE service.  A link for “Trash Pickup”  is provided for you in the left margin.  The special pick ups can be requested for excess bagged trash as well as large bulky items such as unwanted furniture and small appliances.  Excess/Bulky trash is placed on the curb alongside your trash can the evening before trash pick up.   The city will not pick up excess trash if you have not requested a special pickup.  Our charge for picking up excess trash is $50 per bag or $100 per large item.  If your vacate date does not coincide with the trash pick up schedule, and it rarely does, please DO NOT put cans or excess bagged trash to the curb.  Instead you may leave your bagged and tied trash bags, perishables excluded,  just inside your front door  and your cans at the building.  We will place the cans and bagged trash to the curb the night before pick up.  Scheduling special pickups is the responsibility of the Resident.   We will NOT move furniture.  If you are disposing furniture you will want to have already done this.  If your unwanted furniture or other items are still in usable condition we suggest contacting some of the local charitable organizations.  Many of them will come and pick these items up for you.


You will be notified as to the day and time that you will be required to have COMPLETELY VACATED the apartment/house.  If you plan to move out prior to this date please notify us so we can perform an earlier move out inspection.  You will need to be sure that the unit is left completely empty of all personal property AND trash with the exception of the bagged trash as discussed above.  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING else is permitted to remain in the property.  Please lower and close all blinds, particularly on the first floor as vacant dwellings are prime targets of vandalism.  Additionally, please be sure that your entire yard is free of personal property, trash and debris.  A member of management will perform the final move out inspection immediately following your vacate date.


The month you are scheduled to move we will mail you a move out checklist as well as a key envelope.  The key envelope will have a place for your name and forwarding address.  It is extremely important that you provide your forwarding address so we will know where to mail your Move Out  Disposition which should include your security deposit refund.  We will not mail checks without an address.  You are asked to please put your bedroom key in your bedroom doorknob and place your front door key in the key envelope.  The envelope should be placed on the floor in the center of your room.  


In accordance with the terms of your Lease and the Virginia State Landlord Tenant Act we will mail, to your forwarding address, a copy of your Move Out  Disposition within 45 days of your lease expiration date.  The disposition will itemize charges, if any, that have been deducted from your security deposit.  The disposition will include your security deposit refund check provided that you have left us your forwarding address and that the apartment/house was left in good condition, that there were no balances left on your rental account and that there was no damage noted during the final inspection.